Mar 8, 2013

My First : Zalora Purchase - Scarlet Sandals

I've been browsing Zalora but I'm  not really that confident to buy anything from them when I'm not sure about their services and product quality. Then, recently, I checked Zalora for their anniversary sale and found something that I really liked.

Originally, this pair of shoes cost about Php1060 but it was on sale for Php371 maybe because it's the last piece. I also paid the shipping cost for Php100. Free shipping only applies if the total cost of your purchase is Php1000.

It looks really good on the picture and I thought it's worth buying since it would only cost me less than Php500. Besides, its just on sale so I'm hoping the quality will be worth its original price.

The site said it would take around 3~5 days before I receive the item since I live outside Manila.  I purchased it March 4 (not sure about the exact time but definitely not morning) then I received my package morning of March 6. It really is a lot faster than what I hoped for.

My order is neatly packed on their zalora box but the gems aren't covered. Normally, it should be wrapped with tissues to keep the gems from getting scratched.

The shoes fits me perfectly and it really is comfortable. It also looks exactly as it is in the picture but there is one thing that I didn't like. 

There are a few strands of strings showing off. For a beaded footwear, somehow, I have expected it besides it's not difficult to fix. 

All in all, I'm satisfied with my purchase and looking forward for more transactions with them. I'll be waiting for more sales to come. (。♥‿♥。)

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