Mar 9, 2011

Tutorial : Floral Inspired Bobby Pin

I got the idea from a Japanese beading magazine I was reading. It was intended to be a pendant of a full length necklace so I made a few adjustments to make sure it'll fit a bobby pin.

The same may also be used as a design piece for a bracelet or hairband.

Mar 5, 2011

Tutorial : Beaded Hair Cuff (Wire Wrap)

Finally, my hair twisting paid-off. I made hair cuffs with it. You can use the same technique in making earrings and bangles... :). 

For hair cuffs, the bigger your beads are, the better particularly if you have thick hair like mine. But for the demo, I used rice pearls. 

Mar 1, 2011

An Expensive Hobby

I've been wanting to learn how to make fine beaded accessories since I was a kid and three year ago, I learned how to... (^^,)... It was good but it wasn't any useful. I mean, my skills are improving, I'm learning to do more designs and techniques and I know a lot of people make money with it but I'm not one of them. I'm practically just spending... That's the ugly part... Then again, it makes me happy and I think that's the most I can get out of it... I like beads and by just looking at it makes me happy, just like my tag collection (^^,).

I don't really like people asking me to make some for them because it means deadlines and I don't like that when I'm doing my craft. I make some when I want to and only when I feel like it. So it turned out to be just a hobby and nothing more.

And since I'm getting addicted with YouTube since I had my vacation, I'm working on my channel, too. Not so pretty but I thinks it'll do for now...

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