Jul 14, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial : Lovin' Ice Cream

My second summer nails! I don't know if it looks like it but it's a light cranberry ice cream with syrup and chocolate sprinkles. Since it rains a lot in the Philippines now, I chose a shimmery type of really light pink, a regular brown polish to be the syrup and a few micro beads for sprinkles. I got the idea from a previous edition of Nail Up, a Japanese Nail Art Magazine, from Eki's blog. If you like to read about cute finds and see Japanese Magazine Scans you should visit her site. She also make good reviews. Click here to visit her site.

1. Apply your favorite base coat. I'm using Looc from Beauty Credit. If you like to polish your nails a lot, using a base coat will prevent your nails from discoloration.
2. For the light cranberry ice cream, I put on two thin coats of Etude House's nail polish in PK013.
3. For the syrup, I used my O.P.I. nail polish in You don't know Jaques!. To make it appear like it's dripping, I use my Klick dotting tools to make a blob and thin it out to the tips of my nails. If you don't have a dotting tool, you may use a hair pin.
4. For this one, you would want to use a glue to make sure the micro beads would stick longer.
5. Lastly, sprinkle the micro beads on your nails or pick it one by one to attach.

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