Jul 27, 2012

Nail Swatch : Magnetic Nail Effects by Barry M.

I have to new additions to my nail polish collection. I won these two Magnetic Nail Paints by Barry M. from Charlotte's Nails. One in magnetic blue and the other in dark silver. Both have rectangular caps where the design is drawn making it easier to distinguish and on top of it is the magnet. It has this stopper like thing at one end of the magnet so the cap can rest on your fingers without touching the nails. The brush handle is long enough for comfortable application and the bristles glides smoothly too.

I also like its consistency. It's not too liquidy and it doesn't turn too sticky during application. It has a strong nail polish scent but it doesn't smell so bad and it wears off easily. It's also really pigmented, one average coat looks good enough. It takes about 60 seconds to form the complete design. This nail polish dries fast which is a good thing then again the magnet wont be able to create the design when it's already dry so you to have magnet your polish as soon as you apply it. One piece of advice, make sure to use a base coat before applying these nail paints, it's so pigmented it just might leave unwanted stain on your nails.

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