Jul 13, 2012

Review : Duo Fibre Brush (Etude House)

I saw this a year ago but didn't buy one  because I'm more comfortable with using  a sponge. But when I visited Etude House recently, it only cost Php 428, Php100 less than before. It wasn't on sale though. In short, I bought one to try it out. I was pretty excited because this is my first duo fibre and brush purchase from Etude. I'm also confident that this is going to be good because I trust the brand but I got a little disappointed after I get to use it.

The bristles are nice and soft and the handle is really sturdy plus it comes with a brush guard which is nice. It weighs slightly heavy considering its size. I tried it with a BB cream and was really happy with the result. It doesn't have those fine lines that I get with a regular foundation brush and it doesn't absorb liquid products as much as a sponge does. One major thing that I didn't like about it is that it shed a lot. It was literally falling of my face the first time I use it. There were fibers all over my face while applying BB cream. Then I tried washing it hoping all the loose fibers will be gone but sadly, I was disappointed. It's still shedding even when it was just powder but a lot less than the first time though. Then again, for a brush that cost this much, I expected more.

I didn't want to write a bad review or discourage anyone from buying this, I can't even tell if I was just unlucky to get the only bad brush in the rack. I love Etude House but I also want to honestly share what I think about it.

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