Mar 24, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Rainy Day Inspired Nails

This nail art is inspired by the rainy season. I live in a tropical country so it's either hot or rainy. It's only the end of March and it's suppose to be hot but last Friday was surprisingly rainy. As I mentioned on my previous post, I was also having some problem with my internet connection so I had some time to do other things beside browsing the web. This one is really simple so I didn't bother making a video. I hope you could still follow through .

Mar 21, 2013

Tutorial : Ombre Gem Necklace

I've been practicing some basic wire wrapping recently and this is, by far, the easiest I did. I didn't take any measurements though. You can see on the picture how simple it is. I simply pick some random gems with dark to light colors and wrap the wire around it. I chose the three biggest and smoothest in my stash. It'll be too difficult if the stones are crooked. It's a good design additional if the shape of the stone is irregular but it's another thing to manage wrapping it with wire properly. I know it's not like I'm doing anything difficult but you must master the basics first before advancing to the next level.

For the chain size, I think with the length of the pendant, it's better to take a shorter chain like the size for a choker and wear it with your casual collarless tee. Or a longer one if you want to wear with something with collar.

About being gone last Sunday, internet connection was really bad. It's been going on and off for two weeks now and my provider cannot really give a definite schedule when the connection will be fixed. So to my lovely followers, please hang in there. I'll be posting as promised after my connection issues are fixed.

Mar 13, 2013

Review : San San Age Defense Make-up Set

I bought this last month during the sale for Php170 but original price is Php200. It's a complete collection of four eye shadows, two blushes, a face powder and a lip palette with seven shades. I got mine in number 02 which has a green quad. It's a little less 3 1/2 inches in length and around 2 1/2 inches in width which is a good size to bring with. It has a brush for the blush and a dual end lip brush and sponge tip applicator. They aren't much useful if you ask me specially the blush brush because it shed a lot but would still do if you have no better option.

I've seen a lot of make-up sets like this but so far this is my favorite packaging. I like the fact the lip palette is separated from the powder ones and that the face powder have its own case too because I hate it when the powder mixed with the cream ones and seeing eye shadow dusts on my face powder.

Mar 9, 2013

Beading Tutorial : Double Wire Wrapped Earrings

I made this a few days ago for my mom. I didn't really think about making a video for this one because it was kindda random when I decided to make it. I took pictures for personal reference but I also wanted to share at least this one for my readers.

I made one like this a really long time ago but it was a bangle made of  tiger's eye and onyx. Measurements was awful and I had a lot of wasted wire. This one is a lot more precise and less costly. I think, all in all, material cost was less than Php80 including scrap wires. The ear studs were plated but the wire and gold balls are 10k.

What you need? 
1) Cutter, round nose pliers and flat nose pliers.
2) Wire
3) Stud or hoop
4) 2mm swarovski beads
5) gold balls

Notes and Measurements :
On the first picture, I used 2" on the inner wire and 6" for the outer. You can see base on the 6th picture that there are excess wire. Take note that it's intentional because I want to have enough to work with freely until I reach the last bead.

The inner wire will also make a lot of movements until after your first swarovski bead is wrapped. If you have any, you can put a stopper to keep it from moving or flatten the gold ball in place. You also wanna make sure that your wire is tightly wrapped on the beads before you insert the next one.

Mar 8, 2013

My First : Zalora Purchase - Scarlet Sandals

I've been browsing Zalora but I'm  not really that confident to buy anything from them when I'm not sure about their services and product quality. Then, recently, I checked Zalora for their anniversary sale and found something that I really liked.

Originally, this pair of shoes cost about Php1060 but it was on sale for Php371 maybe because it's the last piece. I also paid the shipping cost for Php100. Free shipping only applies if the total cost of your purchase is Php1000.

It looks really good on the picture and I thought it's worth buying since it would only cost me less than Php500. Besides, its just on sale so I'm hoping the quality will be worth its original price.

Mar 5, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Gothic Lolita Nails

It's been ages since I did any nail art tutorial. Since I have so much time right now, I'm hoping I could do more of these. This is quite simple so I decided to make it a written tutorial only. I used a combination of regular lavender nail polish from Etude House in PP903 and and on top of that is shimmery lavender PP905. I combined it because the shimmer one would be too light if I were to use it on its own. The dark silver nail polish is from Barry M. Magnetic Nail Paints.

Mar 2, 2013

Nail Swatch : Etude House Look at My Cotton Candy Nails

I bought this near the end of January from Etude House Mall of Asia Branch. There were only a few colors available in the store from this collection and some of those are almost the same shade of what I already have so I ended up just buying this one. I got it in CBE101 which is a pretty pastel yellow color. Aside from the pretty summer appropriate shade, there's really nothing much to expect from it. It cost Php78 each for a small bottle compared to local brands. Probably, this size would only cost around Php40 for the same quality. 

Opacity is nice with two coats  and just like other polishes, it dries on an average time frame and may last for around 3 to 4 days. It bubbles a bit, too. My skin tone is somewhere in the middle and I don't think it compliments me very well. Some polishes may make your skin look vibrant but not really this one on me. I guess this color suits best for those with a slightly fairer skin than mine. I could still use it with other colors though.

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