Mar 2, 2013

Nail Swatch : Etude House Look at My Cotton Candy Nails

I bought this near the end of January from Etude House Mall of Asia Branch. There were only a few colors available in the store from this collection and some of those are almost the same shade of what I already have so I ended up just buying this one. I got it in CBE101 which is a pretty pastel yellow color. Aside from the pretty summer appropriate shade, there's really nothing much to expect from it. It cost Php78 each for a small bottle compared to local brands. Probably, this size would only cost around Php40 for the same quality. 

Opacity is nice with two coats  and just like other polishes, it dries on an average time frame and may last for around 3 to 4 days. It bubbles a bit, too. My skin tone is somewhere in the middle and I don't think it compliments me very well. Some polishes may make your skin look vibrant but not really this one on me. I guess this color suits best for those with a slightly fairer skin than mine. I could still use it with other colors though.

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