Mar 13, 2013

Review : San San Age Defense Make-up Set

I bought this last month during the sale for Php170 but original price is Php200. It's a complete collection of four eye shadows, two blushes, a face powder and a lip palette with seven shades. I got mine in number 02 which has a green quad. It's a little less 3 1/2 inches in length and around 2 1/2 inches in width which is a good size to bring with. It has a brush for the blush and a dual end lip brush and sponge tip applicator. They aren't much useful if you ask me specially the blush brush because it shed a lot but would still do if you have no better option.

I've seen a lot of make-up sets like this but so far this is my favorite packaging. I like the fact the lip palette is separated from the powder ones and that the face powder have its own case too because I hate it when the powder mixed with the cream ones and seeing eye shadow dusts on my face powder.

The eye shadows are a little too light (and matte) I can hardly make a decent swatch but when I tried it on, I think it's good enough with primer for that casual day look.

The blushes and lip colors have good pigmentation

The lip color doesn't really last long. It's just your average lip cream. 

For the face powder, I was kindda scared it won't fit my skin tone and I think they have the same shade in every set. It's also sheer to give too much of an impact but would still be good to keep your face shiny.

Will I buy it again?

I'm not so sure if I want to buy another one of this green set because I'm not a huge fan of matte eye shadows. I'm still considering trying the other two sets, the blue one and the pink with violet make-up set. I think those have shimmer eye shadows.

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