Mar 9, 2013

Beading Tutorial : Double Wire Wrapped Earrings

I made this a few days ago for my mom. I didn't really think about making a video for this one because it was kindda random when I decided to make it. I took pictures for personal reference but I also wanted to share at least this one for my readers.

I made one like this a really long time ago but it was a bangle made of  tiger's eye and onyx. Measurements was awful and I had a lot of wasted wire. This one is a lot more precise and less costly. I think, all in all, material cost was less than Php80 including scrap wires. The ear studs were plated but the wire and gold balls are 10k.

What you need? 
1) Cutter, round nose pliers and flat nose pliers.
2) Wire
3) Stud or hoop
4) 2mm swarovski beads
5) gold balls

Notes and Measurements :
On the first picture, I used 2" on the inner wire and 6" for the outer. You can see base on the 6th picture that there are excess wire. Take note that it's intentional because I want to have enough to work with freely until I reach the last bead.

The inner wire will also make a lot of movements until after your first swarovski bead is wrapped. If you have any, you can put a stopper to keep it from moving or flatten the gold ball in place. You also wanna make sure that your wire is tightly wrapped on the beads before you insert the next one.

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