Feb 20, 2013

Nail Swatch : Bobbie Nail Polish in Lush

This is my very first nail polish from this brand. My mom said this is also a good quality polish just like Caronia so I tried one. I was looking for an emerald color to join this season's fad and this is the closest I can find. I really like the fact that it compliments my skin tone without looking so green. Actually, it made my skin look fairer.

The price range is between Php35 to Php42 depending on the type and size. This one is regular and I got it for Php40 but I think you can also get this at some local store for Php38 only. The formula is a little liquidy which, I think, affects its opacity. I had to apply three thin coats to make it look darker but I think it turned out much better than applying two coats of Caronia. Bubbles depend on how much layer you put on but three coats, on my experience, don't form bubbles. It lasted about three to four days before chipping off under average hand activities.

Will I buy it again?
Yes but I think I would have to check its shelf life first before buying more from this range because some local brands turn sticky after only a few use. 

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