Jun 22, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial : Summer Sprinkles

Here's my latest nail art video. Sorry it took me awhile to publish a new one. I hope you'll like my easy to do summer inspired nail art. 

1. I'm using Caronia in Touch of Tan for a nude base color.
2. Apply a single or two thin coats for a natural clean nails.
3. I'm using the nail glue that come is  in the package to attach the nail gems. By the way, I'm using Wish Nail Accessories in rectangular shapes.
4. With a nail stick lightly dip on clear nail polish, pick it up one by one.
5. Apply it in alternate color and position to create the weave look. Press the gems to make sure it sticks well.
6. Finally, apply a clear nail polish to fill in the gaps.

That's it for my first summer nail edition! Let me know what you think and your favorite summer nail art by leaving a comment below.

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