Feb 18, 2012

Nail Swatch : HD Crack Nail Polish

Currently, I have two HD Crack Nail Polish. One is regular in color number two which i got from Hortaleza ( included in my Hortaleza Nail Products Haul) and the other is a matte finish in color number seven that my mom got from Victory Mall in Caloocan.

HD in matte finish cracks and dries faster than Miss Beauty Crack Nail Polish I previously tested but it dries so fast you wont get the chance to layer on the second coat. You might have an uneven nail crack on your hand like I did when I was trying it on. So if you want it thicker, pile it up on your first application.

The other one, however, takes a little more time to crack but enough to layer it on. Make sure it didn't crack yet before you swipe the second layer or it'll form into flakes and get chipped off.

Note: Base color for matte is Coco Nail Polish and for regular is Caress in Platinum

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