Jul 27, 2012

Nail Swatch : Magnetic Nail Effects by Barry M.

I have to new additions to my nail polish collection. I won these two Magnetic Nail Paints by Barry M. from Charlotte's Nails. One in magnetic blue and the other in dark silver. Both have rectangular caps where the design is drawn making it easier to distinguish and on top of it is the magnet. It has this stopper like thing at one end of the magnet so the cap can rest on your fingers without touching the nails. The brush handle is long enough for comfortable application and the bristles glides smoothly too.

Jul 19, 2012

Nail Swatch : [b] Basic New York Nail Polish (Limited Edition)

I won this from a giveaway at Alex's blog. It's a limited edition of [b] Basic nail polish. I got both of them, 1 in Central Park and the other is in Metropolitan. Both colors really standout when you wear them. It's not your average dark green or maroon color. They just look effortlessly pretty and seductive.

Jul 14, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial : Lovin' Ice Cream

My second summer nails! I don't know if it looks like it but it's a light cranberry ice cream with syrup and chocolate sprinkles. Since it rains a lot in the Philippines now, I chose a shimmery type of really light pink, a regular brown polish to be the syrup and a few micro beads for sprinkles. I got the idea from a previous edition of Nail Up, a Japanese Nail Art Magazine, from Eki's blog. If you like to read about cute finds and see Japanese Magazine Scans you should visit her site. She also make good reviews. Click here to visit her site.

Jul 13, 2012

Holly and Polish China Glaze Giveaway

(Click the here to visit her blog)

Holly and Polish is celebrating her blog's first year anniversary so she's giving away China Glaze Safari Collection to her lucky follower. The colors are really perfect for upcoming fall. So here are the rules:

Review : Duo Fibre Brush (Etude House)

I saw this a year ago but didn't buy one  because I'm more comfortable with using  a sponge. But when I visited Etude House recently, it only cost Php 428, Php100 less than before. It wasn't on sale though. In short, I bought one to try it out. I was pretty excited because this is my first duo fibre and brush purchase from Etude. I'm also confident that this is going to be good because I trust the brand but I got a little disappointed after I get to use it.

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