Feb 27, 2014

Nail Art Tutorial : Contrasting Colors

This is actually suppose to be an entry for the one month challenge that I wanted to participate on but I wasn't able to post it in time. I don't want to waste it because I really like how it turned out.

I searched the internet for contrasting colors and this is the happiest combination I found. I matched a pastel yellow from the Cotton Candy line of Etude House and Dark Silver nail polish from Barry M. I wanted to make a checkered patter but I ended up with only four squares for my thumb and middle finger and half on my pointing and ring finger.

I think my pinky is also a little small and I wouldn't want the design to be repetitive so I decided to paint it in solid yellow color. Then again, I thought it would look so different and bare to just leave it that way so I used black gems to create a cross. 

If you don't really like so much gems on your nails, you could use a nail tape for the pointing and ring finger. That's how the original design was suppose to be but I couldn't find any nail tapes. Good thing it turned out really pretty. ^_^

This is it for now.... I'll see you on my next post... ^_^

Feb 5, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Monochrome

Here's another day hoping you'd like my design for the challenge. I was suppose to make this post yesterday but I was kindda tired with the day's work. Exam week is a lot more tiring than it looks.

Anyway its the 4th day of the nail art challenge and today's theme is monochromatic. Honestly, when I first saw the table, I didn't know the difference between achromatic (click here to see my achromatic design)  and monochromatic I had to google it. Basically, monochrome means you have to use one color in different shades ranging from the lightest to darkest to emphasize the design.

For this challenge, I used my Etude house nail polishes. I used a pale pink color for the base, its PK003, and a darker one in BR301. I simply made a big blob of polish then spread it out to make the tail imitating a heart shape. Then I added small dots for decoration.

This is it for the 4th day. Check out my blog again tomorrow for the fifth day of the challenge. If you love it, give it a g+ ^_^

Feb 3, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Warm vs. Cool

This is the third day of the challenge and today's theme is warm vs. cool. So far, the categories are easy and work isn't getting busy yet.

Anyway, I'm not so sure if I have any inspiration on this one. I just thought of using navy blue and lilac because I like the colors and they look good together. They also fall right for the theme. ^_^

To make sure I'm not gonna make any mess on the side for the lilac, I used scotch tape to cover it. After painting the other half with blue, I took off the tape and colored the other half with a shimmery lilac. Then I simply put dots on the side, four for each nail. I wasn't able to get some nail tapes so I placed gems in the middle part instead to cover up the line. It's not that it doesn't look good but it looks a bit unfinished if I'd leave it that way.

There's something I want to change though. I really should've looked for some nail tapes or probably used a smaller gemstone for the center. The ones I used looked as if it dominated my entire nail.

Oh, well. I hope you also liked this one. See you tomorrow for my next nail design.

Feb 2, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Jewel Tones (Lotus Flower Inspired)

Today's the second day of the challenge and the theme is Jewel tones. The nail polish I used is from Nailtopia. I don't really remember what number it was but it looks like garnet red to me so I decided to use it. I also don't own the polish. I borrowed this one from my cousin since I honestly don't have much variety of nail polish colors. Most of what I own are pastel colors.

Feb 1, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Achromatic Nails (Dots and Bows)

It's been awhile since I made any nail art tutorial. I honestly don't remember posting any nail art tutorial since my camera broke so until I can buy a new one, I'd be posting photo tutorials instead.

Anyway, I recently joined Polish Pashionistas on Facebook because I read from one of the blogs I followed that they were having a February Nail Art Challenge called Nail-Art-A-Go-Go and I wanted to join. They are not giving away anything. It's a simple daily challenge for the whole month of February.

Everyday you have to make a nail art design according to the category. I saw it last month so I had a little time to think over and do my nail designs. It was a bit difficult because it's different when you do you're designs on paper compared when you apply it on your nails.

First day's theme is Achromatic. That means the color range you have to use is black, white and gray only. I had several ideas to be honest. I wanted to do bamboo shadows, notes etc. but I ended up with this one because apparently it's the most decent I was able to make with my shaky hands.

The nail tip is frosted white, same with the dots but only with a different color. Then I used a regular gray to make the band looks like it's frilly and to emphasize the bow.

That's it for today... Please check out my next design tomorrow.

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