Feb 5, 2014

Nail-Art-A-Go-Go : Monochrome

Here's another day hoping you'd like my design for the challenge. I was suppose to make this post yesterday but I was kindda tired with the day's work. Exam week is a lot more tiring than it looks.

Anyway its the 4th day of the nail art challenge and today's theme is monochromatic. Honestly, when I first saw the table, I didn't know the difference between achromatic (click here to see my achromatic design)  and monochromatic I had to google it. Basically, monochrome means you have to use one color in different shades ranging from the lightest to darkest to emphasize the design.

For this challenge, I used my Etude house nail polishes. I used a pale pink color for the base, its PK003, and a darker one in BR301. I simply made a big blob of polish then spread it out to make the tail imitating a heart shape. Then I added small dots for decoration.

This is it for the 4th day. Check out my blog again tomorrow for the fifth day of the challenge. If you love it, give it a g+ ^_^

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