Jan 26, 2012

Nail Swatch : Coco Nail Polish

Packaging is really simple. It's plain nail polish bottle with a cute plastic apple tag that hangs between the container  and the cap. Nothing important is written on it so you can just throw the tag if you want to. The nail polish doesn't have that strong smell like the others, it doesn't bubble and it's also very pigmented. One coat is opaque enough but the thing is, it looks more like a pen marker's ink is on you nails when its dry. Two coats plus a final colorless polish makes it look nicer. It doesn't last that long because it chip off immediately on the tips but you can use a base and a final coat to make it last longer.

The brush isn't really that bad considering its price. It's just that it's so stiff and the strands are literally thicker than my hair. Then again, it's better trimmed compared to Marry Nail Polish which I included on my post Haul : Hortaleza Nail Products.

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