Jan 18, 2012

Haul : Nail Art Accessories

I went to personal care section of the mall and here’s a few that I got. I don’t know exactly  what they are called but they are both from the makers of Klick and OMG Nail Polish. 

One is like small sequence and the other is like floral shaped chips and they both cost Php 50. The Nail Sequence is really thin and tiny you cannot place it on your nails individually with tweezers. Either you sprinkle it or dip your nails on it or mix it with the polish for application. You can also use a toothpick lightly dip on clear nail polish to pick up a few sequence at a time.

As for the Nail Art Chips, it’s is absolutely thicker than the nail sequence and easier to handle but I still prefer to use a toothpick with it. The price may sound cheap but I find it to be quite expensive. Somehow I feel like I’m paying more for its container than the chips itself. I went to Expressions and found the same that only cost Php 12 per sachet and it’s a huge pack.

The Scrapbooking Gem Border is a good substitute for Nail Art Gems. I bought these from National Bookstore for about Php 38 per pack with about 441 pieces of studs. It’s also easier to store because they’re nicely glued on a paper plastic. The size is nice for my thumb and I can put at least four pieces but for the rest of my nails, I only like to put one because it would clutter much. 

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