Jan 21, 2012

Haul : Hortaleza Nail Products

Hortaleza General Merchandise store is the best stop for salon products and that includes nail stuffs. From cleaning tools to nail polishes and nail accessories, they have it. It’s just one of my favorite beauty store.

I went to Hortaleza to check-out new colors of nail polishes and here’s what I got.

Miss Beauty Crack Nail Polish
HD Crack Nail Polish
Caress Nail Polish
Marry Nail Polish
Lucky Perfumed Nail Polish Remover
a few nail sticks

I’m happy with the first three products I mentioned so I’m making separate reviews with swatches but the 4th one is just disappointing. It looks like a liquidy ice-cream paste with unmelted portions. The brush is also not even. It’s like fringe with several layers. I know it’s only Php 15 but Klick is only Php 18 and the quality is really nice.

The Perfumed Nail polish remover on the other hand, is a really good buy. It doesn’t leave white films on my nails, it doesn’t dry off that fast like the other ordinary acetones, it has moisturizer and it smells like candy. Really loving it.

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