Feb 27, 2014

Nail Art Tutorial : Contrasting Colors

This is actually suppose to be an entry for the one month challenge that I wanted to participate on but I wasn't able to post it in time. I don't want to waste it because I really like how it turned out.

I searched the internet for contrasting colors and this is the happiest combination I found. I matched a pastel yellow from the Cotton Candy line of Etude House and Dark Silver nail polish from Barry M. I wanted to make a checkered patter but I ended up with only four squares for my thumb and middle finger and half on my pointing and ring finger.

I think my pinky is also a little small and I wouldn't want the design to be repetitive so I decided to paint it in solid yellow color. Then again, I thought it would look so different and bare to just leave it that way so I used black gems to create a cross. 

If you don't really like so much gems on your nails, you could use a nail tape for the pointing and ring finger. That's how the original design was suppose to be but I couldn't find any nail tapes. Good thing it turned out really pretty. ^_^

This is it for now.... I'll see you on my next post... ^_^

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