Feb 13, 2011

Walk it!!!

I've nothing much to do lately but to sit, eat and sleep. I hardly move around the house even after I started walking. I'm gaining weight and the best excuse I could give was the operation. It's been 2 months now and that excuse is not going to work anymore besides, my fat is piling up. I can't jog, I can't do aerobics or anything that may stress my leg. Not like the doctors told me I can't do it but since I still have an open wound ( which is infected by the way ), I might as well  be more cautious.

So what do I do now? Walking... and proud of it... I can walk 4 lapse straight now... ( really proud )... But the results doesn't show ( that part sucks ). It has only been 3 days so I shouldn't be stressing myself, right ( making excuses again, I know ). Guess I would have to wait for more than a month to see any. Till then, it'll only be another walking practice.

(^^,) Oh yeah, the kid behind me is my cousin practicing for a marathon competition. She's also playing shot put and javelin throw. (^^,) 

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