Feb 12, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial : Berries for V-day

Happy hearts day everyone! Here's my V-day Nail Art Tutorial for you ladies. I hope you like it. It's nothing hot or sophisticated. If I'll describe it, it's more like flirty and playful. It's a little difficult compare to the first that I made because the tips but it's worth the patience.

Instructions :

  1. Swipe Caress nail polish in Platinum to be the base color of your nails.
  2. With Sassy Nail Art in black, make a triangle tip then fill it up with the same polish.
  3. Taking the red Sassy Nail Art, create another triangle on top of the black.
  4. With the same red nail polish, draw a line under the black.
  5. Add some gray Klick Nail Sequence beneath the red line.
  6. Place a purple gem on one end of your nails then add a green tear drop shape gem to serve as a leaf.
  7. Finish it off with a final coat of Caronia Colorless.

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