Mar 19, 2012

Nail Art Tutorial : Flower Bed

Another simple nail art tutorial for everyone to try. You will only need two accessories to follow this nail art tutorial. Simply click on the link provided below to redirect to those post. Hope you like this one.

1. Choose your base coat. I'm using OMG nail polish in Jet black. Darker base emphasizes the nail sequence.

2. Swipe some glue on the part of your nails nearest to the cuticle.

3. With a nail stick lightly dip in glue, pick the Klick nail sequence and apply it on the base of your nail forming a curve.

4. Add some glue above the curve then place your nail gem.

5. Coat with a colorless nail polish to finish.

For the thumb, I simply clustered four round nail gems to make it look like a bunch of flowers. I also use a plain round nail gem on my other nails but feel free to substitute a floral designed gem if you can find one. If you cannot find any nail sequence, green glitters will also be nice substitute.

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