Mar 1, 2012

Review and Nail Swatch : Miss Beauty Nail Polish

It's been awhile since I bought and tested this ( included in my Haul : Hortaleza Nail Products ) but I never get to publish it so here it is now.

The color is really pigmented I'm absolutely loving it. It doesn't dry and crack as fast as the HD Matte Crack nail polish so you have enough time to layer the second coat. Make sure that the first layer hasn't crack yet or else it'll form into chips and fall off. Don't layer too much either otherwise it wont crack. I'm not sure for others but the texture it creates for not cracking looks lovely to me.

It's easy to apply but like any other crack nail polishes, its so hard to remove. This particular brand (uncracked) took 4-5 days on my mom's toe nails and still looking new.

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