Apr 22, 2012

Haul : Wish Nail Art Accessories

I bought three sets of these from Watsons for Php 69 each. A set in rectangular, tear drops and assorted shapes. The packaging is fine and easy to store, the dividers aren't that useful though because it passes through and the colors still get mixed up.

The pieces are cute and the colors are not all childishly girly. Most of it are jewel tones which are suitable for adults. The sizes of the gems suits perfectly on my nails and they are also shinier than the border gems I use as an alternative ( Haul : Nail Art Accessories ). But like the nail gems alternative I use, the shine lessens when you swipe a colorless nail polish on it.

Every set includes a small tube of glue and a nail stick. The assorted gem set have an extra mini nail file with bear prints on it. The nail file and sticks are useful but one of the nail glues is quite disappointing because it's already dried-out so don't rely much on it. It's better if you buy a glue separately since they also offer the same at Watsons and I don't have any complains about its quality.

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