May 11, 2012

Review : Careline Eyeshadow Quad (Soul)

The entire package is light, compact and easy to use on the go since it comes with four sponge applicator. It's cute at first sight but it's not really that functional for the following reasons:
You can only use the applicator that comes with it since the open area is really small for a brush to fit in.
    • It seems like it may pass through the divider and mix with other colors so don't shake it much.
    • It will need a lot of shaking when you're running out of eye shadow to make use of the entire 20 grams.
    • If you want to depot them you may, but it's not gonna be easy. You can either use the opening where the sponge goes through or remove the lid underneath like I did.

    The consistency and color is good enough since it's not chalky like others of the same thing. The color is solid and really pigmented but it fades when you blend it either with your finger or a brush.There is going to be a lot of eye shadow dust during application too so you need to use a primer and pack the eye shadow on your lids to minimize the mess and make sure it'll last. 

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