May 25, 2012

Review : Maxfactor Duo Eyeshadow in Shooting Star

I got really excited when I saw the Maxfactor counter at the then newly opened SM Olongapo. I'm a little disappointed though because there's not much in there unlike Revlon's and Maybelline's counter. There are a few colors available but I chose this one since it's more suitable for work.

There's nothing much about the package. It's as simple as it can be. It's compact and light weight so it's easy to bring along. There's a sponge tip applicator included, about an inch long, but personally, I don't really like using it. It's just to small for me to use.

The eyeshadows are creamy enough so its easy to apply but not that difficult to blend. It's also really pigmented specially the brown but the other one is a lot lighter than I expected. It has a little hint of pink but if you want it to stand out, you need to pack it on you lids otherwise it would only look like a shimmery pearl eyeshadow.

It lasted about 6 hours on me without primer. If you have oily lids like mine, you would want to use a primer to keep it from creasing.

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