Feb 2, 2012

Nail Swatch : OMG Nail Polish

OMG is from the makers of Klick Nail Polish. I haven't made any previous review on the original Klick nail polish but I have tried their products before and was satisfied of its quality. I have also tried and made a review on their nail art accessory which you may read through my post Haul : Nail Art Accessory.

I really had high expectations on this one. It's Php 18, same with the original Klick, but it's net weight is 10ml while the latter is only 7ml. The original isn't so great but at least it would fall on average. I thought the quality would be the same since it's from the same maker but sadly it's not.

The polish is really smelly and very liquidy. The color is pretty but it takes at least three to four coats to get a really opaque color plus it bubbles. If you were able to buy one and you don't want to waste it, it's good enough to be used as a base color since it may last for up to three to four days because of its thickness.

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