Feb 18, 2012

Review : Sassy Nail Art

I saw this in Watsons when i went shopping for a few bath supplies. It's really affordable since it's only Php 36 each with a net weight of 10ml. It was also available in blue but I decided to get black and red only since these are my nail color staples.

The container is a soft pressed tube with a removable white base. You would want to hold that base whenever you open it to keep the polish from squeezing out. The outside tip of the cap has a dropper and the inside has a long fine brush. It is really thin and it works well but the dropper can be a bit messy. It has a pin cover attached on a rubber to clog the tiny opening of the dropper but for some reasons, the red Sassy Nail Art continues to dispose off the nail polish but I didn't have any problem with the black one. The dots are also not that even The size varies on how much you would squeeze out. More makes bigger dots and less makes smaller. I haven't figure out how to control it though.

The color is exactly how you see it from the bottle since it is a transparent plastic tube. In case you want to ask, I wasn't able to test how long it'll last on its own since i don't use it as a base color.

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