Feb 14, 2013

Back from POC!!!

Hello everyone, I know I missed posting on a Sunday so here I am writing an apology post to explain why I was gone .

I was in the hospital for five days since February 6 because of the tumor operation. I'm finally discharged but still not home yet. I'm currently staying with some relatives in Manila so blogging time is really limited.

I had my operation at Philippine Orthopedic Center. My phone is broken so I wasn't able to take much pictures. I also have to stay at the ward's hallway because it was already full when I came. Actually, I stayed at the hallway the whole time I was there. It wasn't really that bad. I actually think it's much better than staying inside a crowded space because the air flows freely at the hallway.

I went out of the recovery room the same day that PNoy visited. I thought he was going to check the entire hospital because visitors were requested to go out for awhile but the next day I heard the nurses talking that he only visited a patient. Don't know if it was true though, I was knocked out the whole time. As I've said, I just got out of the recovery room that day so was still feeling groggy.

There were also some activist and newsmen waiting at the front gate that my mom took pictures of but it wasn't really worth their effort. PNoy used the exit to enter and leave the hospital premises so there's not much encounter.

This is all for now. When things are better, I'll be posting more as promised. Happy Hearts Day!

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