Feb 18, 2013

Review : Royal Jelly Essence Mask

I got this from Beauty Credit a few months back as a free gift but I kindda forgot about it. I was looking for the Somang or Beauty Credit mark at the back label but I didn't find any so I suppose they're just distributing it for MJCare. That explains the English translation because most Somang and Beauty Credit products doesn't have translation. I checked out their website ( and surprisingly, it's on their best products list.

Product Says :
     -Power relaxation skin with moisturizing treatment for professional spa results at home.
     -Make your skin elastic, moistened, clear and relax. For all skin types and 4 seasons.

My Product Experience :

Upon opening the package, you can see the liquid goodness squeezing out. The thick cotton mask is well soaked but there's still enough liquid for neck and elbows left in the package. As I expected, it is relaxing and it smells nice like tea with honey. Of course, my skin turned sticky twenty minutes later but almost dry like it's all been absorbed by my skin.

The sheet mask fits me nicely apart from the eyes, nose and mouth area which is typical.

I was kindda surprise that it was almost the size of an A4 magazine, though. It makes me think if my face is really that big.

The next morning, my skin feel soft, smooth, tight and really moist clearly the same as what it says  in the package. My skin looked less tired, too. I'm not sure about the four seasons but I think this is good during the cold days if you want to keep your skin moisturize.

Will I buy it again? :
Definitely. This lives up to what it claims. At least that part that I can read.

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