Feb 3, 2013

Review : Strip it! Sugar Waxing

I got this on my November Salad Box and the package also includes a stick applicator, a strip of waxing cloth that you can divide into six pieces and instructions. I have tried a homemade sugar wax before but I wasn't that satisfied. Plus, there's a lot of cleaning to do. Homemade sugar wax can also be too sticky/watery and it solidifies.

Base on the card included on my box, 100g cost about Php130. I haven't really bought one so I'm not sure if it includes everything I got from my Salad Box. When I was reading the instructions, I thought it was gonna be easy. Just clean, apply and then strip it off to the opposite direction of your hair growth. When I was doing it, I think it took me more than three times before getting the hang of it. It can also be tiring to wax your armpits while sitting so better do it while laying down. Consistency is good. It's not too thick nor too thin so it's easy to spread on. 

A few tips when waxing :
1. It's better to powder first to make sure it's really dry.
2. Apply the sugar solution generously. If the coat is too thin, the hair may not come off.
3. Give waxing a rest to minimize redness. It's also better to just tweeze the excess hair off
4. If you have sensitive skin don't over wax and make sure you wipe off the left over sugar thoroughly to avoid itching.
5. About the cloth strips, it's already written in the instructions how to properly wash it. I guess I missed reading that part ... Anyway, if you scrub or wring it, the cloth may turn really sloppy but still usable.

What I think.

It's easy to do after you get the hang of it. About waxing being painful, I've tried it several times and I think it's tolerable. The only thing I didn't really like about waxing in general is that, I have to wait for my armpit hair to grow 1/4 inch before I can actually wax it. The small ones will not be removed no matter how much sugar solution you pile on it. About it's shelf life, I read on their website that it could last up to a year after opening but it may not be as good. If you want to know more about the product details, I guess it's best if you visit their store at multiply (click here)

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