Nov 14, 2010

Gold Ice Cream

I have never really thought of eating gold until I found this one on TLC (Travel and Living Channel). My closest friends know how much I love sweets and this is definitely on my dream list... then again, it may remain on that list for a long time :(... unless I get lucky :)...

Google Images
"Golden Opulence Sundae" is the most expensive dessert I've heard and you won't find it on the sundae section of the menu... because it owns a spot at the middle... It's made of Tahitian Ice Cream, rare chocolate, candied fruit, caviar, etc... the finest of everything... But the high light of this ice cream is the 23 carat edible gold leaf. I've seen them prepare this on T.V.... They also sprinkle it with edible gold dust before serving... Almost all its ingredients are imported so you actually have to make a reservation 2 days before you can eat it on your own table outside Serendipity 3... This is definitely one important ice cream. You need to have the guts to actually want to eat it after paying $1,000 for 5 scoops of ice cream.

In my case, I would probably have to wait a decade (if I'll get lucky) before I can save that much and have all the guts to eat my $1,000 before it melts. Not to mention the cost of my round trip ticket to New York and hotel accommodation. But of course, every dream is worth every penny you'll spend. It's now a matter of having the money to spend though. (^^,).

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