Nov 23, 2010

Pangasinan Trip

We went to Pangasinan last Monday with my aunt, uncle and my cousin. Of course, we visited Manaoag Church and my aunt's family (the one wearing white polo shirt and jeans in the picture, the other one is my mom). I'm not sure when they planned it (if they did). My mom just told me to get dressed and that someone is coming to pick us up. 

My mom and my cousin left the house early that day to donate blood. You all know how much I need it. We were quite worried that he might get rejected because of his weight but surprisingly, he passed. He's physically thin and he does look weak so we kindda forgot that he's actively playing basketball. He's not into any vices, too. Maybe that made him healthy.

The van stopped right in front our gate and before I know it, we're on our way to Pangasinan. We went to our aunt's house first before we head off to the church. Then we saw a garden and decided to take pictures there. The front gates were locked and there are workers doing the pipeline so we thought it really is close. We tried talking the workers out and obviously, they let us in but only until the time they finish their work.

After visiting the church, we went out to buy ourselves some treats. Then we head back to my aunt's house to have dinner. The house is really modest. 5 people goes in and it's actually crowded. But their rice really taste good and the fish is fresh though it's almost 6pm when they bought it.

This isn't the first time I visited Pangasinan and Manaoag Church but there's always something different about.

It's the people you meet...

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