Nov 17, 2010

1 more bag please

I didn't think it'll be so hard to get some blood... As what I've written in my past post, I need 1 more blood before proceeding to the next step. Yesterday, we went to POC again to bring my last donor but unfortunately, they were also rejected.

We had one regular blood donor but maybe because of the 3 hour travel he didn't pass the 1st screening. They said his blood pressure is 130/90 (which is true) and that it's too high so he didn't qualify. In the middle of the day, their machine broke because of one of the trainees so they had to do the testing manually.

It's been hours and we're all tired and hungry but everyone is still waiting for their names to  be called. Some are getting annoyed because they don't have an appropriate system for calling names. Some of the nurses are also cheating and lazy. One was suppose to be rejected because of her weight but one of the nurses pushed her down the scale to get the right weight. The rounding off of the blood pressure is also funny. One is complaining because his blood pressure is over 84 but they rounded it up to 90. So it became 130/90. I never heard of a Math teacher teaching rounding numbers this way. I thought when it's below 5 your suppose to round it down (^^,). Some got rejected because they said they're too tired. How exactly can they see it by looking at the blood? Some are just making fun of the results and cracking jokes to calm some of us whose really getting pissed off.

After long hours of waiting, my other blood donor also got rejected. They said it's because he's too tired. So we have to find more donors today.

Some are saying the blood bank is just too strict, but knowing all these, I wouldn't believe it. I think it's more of not having the appropriate measures, lacking the number of qualified staffs and having more trainees to do the job of a professional.

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