Mar 21, 2013

Tutorial : Ombre Gem Necklace

I've been practicing some basic wire wrapping recently and this is, by far, the easiest I did. I didn't take any measurements though. You can see on the picture how simple it is. I simply pick some random gems with dark to light colors and wrap the wire around it. I chose the three biggest and smoothest in my stash. It'll be too difficult if the stones are crooked. It's a good design additional if the shape of the stone is irregular but it's another thing to manage wrapping it with wire properly. I know it's not like I'm doing anything difficult but you must master the basics first before advancing to the next level.

For the chain size, I think with the length of the pendant, it's better to take a shorter chain like the size for a choker and wear it with your casual collarless tee. Or a longer one if you want to wear with something with collar.

About being gone last Sunday, internet connection was really bad. It's been going on and off for two weeks now and my provider cannot really give a definite schedule when the connection will be fixed. So to my lovely followers, please hang in there. I'll be posting as promised after my connection issues are fixed.

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