Sep 29, 2012

Review : Wet n Wild Ulitmate Eybrow Kit

Finally, my latest post is up. My pc broke and I got so busy with work, I wasn't able to blog much. I'm really sorry for that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this review.

I got this from Pure Beauty at Ayala Mall for Php399. I was only thinking of buying a brow pencil but decided to get this one instead. I've been using this for only a month but this is definitely one of my favorites as of the moment. It has two colors of brow powder, light and dark tone, a brow gel, tweezers which is useful to me because I pluck, a small angled brush and  a mirror underneath.

Both powders are really pigmented. I use the darker color to form the arch of my brow to the ends and use the lighter one to fill in the rest. I honestly prefer to use this than a brow pencil. It creates that strong and full brows without that drawn look that you get from a pencil. Since the brush is really fine and soft, I also use this on my lash line. It doesn't last long unlike a real liner but its good to emphasize your eyes without too much drama and get a naturally full looking lashes for that effortless day look and it doesn't transfer like other eyeliners I've tried.

For the brow gel, I don't really find it necessary because it last long enough for me even without it. It helps to make it a little water resistant but it wouldn't look much different as when you use a pencil. If you're thinking to use the gel as a primer, it'll be difficult to blend and it would be dark, too.

One thing I didn't like about it is the mirror. If your left handed, it could be good, if not, it could be annoying. You can pull out the mirror from underneath to the right. I find it too slim so I flip it over to the left, but the mirror keep on falling. If I flip it to the right, the cover will block my hand. Other than that, it's perfect.

I haven't really tried other brow kits but this is one thing I would really suggest everyone to try. It's a really good quality product that wont hurt your pocket.

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