Jan 24, 2015

2015 Payday Challenge

My spending and saving habits need an overhaul for 2015 but I'm not making any new year resolutions since I'm not good at it. Instead I would do a money saving challenge. I've seen this online last year but didn't try it because I thought it was impossible to do because of my low earnings. I guess it was just an excuse. This year, I'm committing myself to this challenge.

To start, I adjusted the money table according to my earnings and my excess spendings that I can cut. In this table, I started with only Php1,000 with increments of Php100. If you find it more challenging to save bigger amounts go ahead and adjust your table. What matters is that it matches your earnings and you'll be challenged to cut a few of your unnecessary expenses or perhaps get a second job to make it achievable.

Others do it weekly but since my income depends solely on my paycheck, I'm doing this every payday and track it with the same table as well.

Do you have any money saving challenge you'd like to try?

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