Jan 1, 2014

Year End Haul (Shoes, bags, accessories and other random stuff)

Happy New Year to all my readers. Another year have passed and I didn't really made this year as promised so I won't be making another blogging resolution that I would most likely break. I feel really sorry for that. After the operation, I had a change of occupation and started taking my Masters in Management making me busier than I used to.

This year, I'd like to start my blog with a haul of some of the things I purchased and received as gifts. Just a disclaimer, this post is in no way intended to brag about what I have. And the stuffs are things that I accumulated over some time and some were given as presents . Let's just say, this is my way of thanking everyone for all the presents they gave me and keeping track of my purchases.

The only time that I love to buy shoes without regret is during a sale. I went to Ayala for some Christmas shopping and I found a really great deal at Call It Spring. Originally, the leather and lace shoes cost Php2,195 each but I only got it for Php650 per pair. They're really comfortable and I so love wearing them specially the leather shoes. It's currently my go-to shoes. I'm kind of more careful when using the lace one though because I don't want it getting stained. It's really going to be perfect for spring until summer because of the color. The rubber shoes would be my parent's gift for me. The color is just so pretty and girly but the tough kind of girly. :p

The next would be a bag from Celine and an inspirational book that my cousin gave me as a Christmas present. Honestly, I just got it today. I wanted to buy a Celine bag for myself but I'm having second thoughts about it because I'm really getting off my holiday budget but I guess now I don't have to worry about it.

Of course, my year wont pass without purchasing some raw materials for my expensive hobby. I bought several chains to make a simple bookmark with to give to some of my friends. I also picked up some majestic pearls since they're only Php7 per strand. I already have a lot of beads so I decided to get charms instead. The tools, I've been wanting to get some new pliers because the ones that I use is kind of old specially the cutter. I have been using it since 2008 so I thought it's about time that I get a new one.

You know how much I love accessories but there are kinds that I couldn't make like bangles. The accessories on the upper right hands side, as well as the floral and butterfly designed bangles and the earring, I got them all from Wellmanson at a really affordable price. I also purchased the hair bands except for the peach colored one. I got it as a gift from my friend Carla. I met her in my masters degree class. She also gave me those collar necklaces and bangle since she knows how much I love accessories. The butterfly and doll necklace and the ring was from an old college friend.

The last picture are some random stuff. Carla gave me the notepad and fake nails with the other accessories that I mentioned earlier (oh, she knows me well ^_^). The Catena Bath Gel and Body Lotion, I got it during the Christmas party. The nail polish, bought it from Watsons but the two Bobbie polishes are from my mom. The last would be the water coloring stuffs. This is actually my first love but I stopped to focus on my review and I kind of forgot about it. The picture that I posted in my previous blog post is actually the last that I made and I believe it's dated way back 2009. So now, I want to go back to doing it again

Oh well, this has been a really long post. I hope this year will be a really great one for everyone. And I also hope that me and my family would have a great and healthy year ahead. See you on my next post and thanks for reading.

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