Jan 18, 2014

Review : #ChoosetoSHINE with Pantene and BDJ Box

After I came home from work, I saw a package lying on my bed. I was kind of excited because I thought it's the brush set that I ordered but when I saw what's in it, I got a little confused. Its the Pantene Pro V kit from BDJ. Then I checked my email and finally figured out what it was for. It's a gift from BDJ for those who joined last December (lucky me... ^_^)

The kit have two full size hair products. One is an after shampoo conditioner and the other is a leave on conditioner. The product is meant to make your hair strong, healthy and shiny. This really is a great gift for me since I just had my hair treated and colored last December.

The first conditioner is nothing unusual. Except that you have to leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it. I've only been using it for a week so I didn't really notice much difference.

The full size leave on conditioner is what I love most. My hair is a little dry after having my hair colored and with this kind of weather, my hair is becoming unmanageable. The product is thick but it turns into liquid after it touches my palms making it easier to apply to more strands of my hair with just a few pumps. My hair is mid length but i would normally just use two pumps of the product to moisturize the ends of my hair.

The bottle of the leave on conditioner comes with a pump making the product a lot easier to squeeze out. If you plan on bringing it along, you don't have to worry much about spill over since the cap is really tight and the bottle is sturdy.

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