Jan 8, 2014

Review : Catena Foaming Bath and Softening Body Lotion

We had a party on the last day of school and of course, an exchange gift. We made a wish list and I asked for something I can use to pamper myself with. The budget is only P100 so I honestly didn't hope for anything so nice. Then again, I guess she's a good shopper and got me something I'd like to use. She gave me a foaming bath and body lotion set.

The foaming bath gel says "Excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature leaving the skin soft and smooth." I can't read the back label since it's all written in characters but it does a good job. It's kindda weird when I first smell it but if you love the scent of real fresh rose, you'll love this one. The scent doesn't really stay long but it'll give that relaxing feeling while taking a bath

For an extended rose aroma therapy you can use the body lotion. The scent last longer than the bath gel but really light. It lathers smoothly on my skin. It feels so moisturizing without the sticky or oily feeling and it dries fast.

I saw another set at Japan Home Centre and I'm thinking on trying it out, too. One is in Lavender and the other is cherry blossom. I'm not much of a fan when it comes to floral scents but this one is really worth trying if you ask me. Maybe because the scent isn't that strong.

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