Dec 17, 2011

Store Review : Barat Mode (My First Online Purchase)

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I haven't purchase anything online before because I'm scared of getting scammed. Malls aren't that far either so I don't find any good reason to buy something online that would cost me almost the same amount if I get to find and alternative. I'm also not familiar with online payment and delivery methods before and that made me less confident. Then again, sometime alternatives just wont do so I took the risk and inquired for something I like and inexpensive. An amount that I won't regret spending when I get scammed.

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I found an Eco Tools Eye Brush set from Barat Mode. They have a "Trusted Seller" badge on their Multiply store and free shipping for the holidays. Like I said, I'm not familiar with online payments and delivery systems so I inquired first. The store owner answered my comment immediately. To cut it short, I made my purchase via PayPal thru Xend. I wrote a comment on their site that I already purchase it and a few hours later, they answered and told me that they already shipped the product. Same day shipment, I was really impress. They also told me that it'll arrive within the next three days.

The next day after my purchase, I was pathetically excited I literally spent my day waiting for the delivery truck. My mom said I have to wait for the mid of the delivery period (that'll be tomorrow).

Then it came! I almost lost it though. The delivery man was talking to my 83yr old grandma who doesn't remember my name. Well, she did remember my mom's name and family name but she can't remember me. She calls me by my first name every time but she forgot it that very moment. Good thing my cousin lives near by so she called me.

Things to remember when buying online
1. Be familiar with payment and delivery methods.
2. Look for a store "Trusted Seller" badge.
3. Read comments about their service.
4. Inquire first before buying.
5. Don't get too excited. They have your number on the package, they'll call.

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