Dec 6, 2014

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

Two weeks ago, the PICPA Annual National Convention was held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. We arrived around 10pm Tuesday night. The valet and the front desk officer was very accommodating but some of them speak to guests using their dialect. I’m not discriminating or anything I just find it a little bit inconvenient because I have to say repeatedly that I don’t understand.

Anyway, the hotel looks really beautiful from outside when we arrived that night but the lobby looks much better.

The lobby is well decorated since it's already near Christmas. But even without those, the lobby would still look just as beautiful because of all the paintings hanging on the wall and the murals, too. If you can see the center balcony, a live acoustic band plays there.  I’m not sure about the time though because I just happen to pass by when I heard them playing. The casino by the way is so much bigger than the one at SBMA. I can't compare it from the other Casino Filipino along Magsaysay drive though because I haven't been in there.

Looking for the pool and gym? It’s not that big but my friend told me it’s quite deep. The view is just as beautiful and relaxing too.

The function room where I spent most of my day. It is big. I think it can accommodate around 2,000 guest or so but since there was 3,000 attendees this year which was the biggest number of attendees ANC ever had, some of the attendees were standing at the balcony. It was fixed immediately the next day.

The other function room however wasn’t that big but… I honestly don’t know how to describe it… There was fake tree arch on the entrance and lots of tarot paintings on the wall.

You must be wondering which room we took. It’s the standard twin bedroom. Simple clean and comfortable to stay with. It cost P3,500 per night with buffet breakfast for two at any restaurants they have down stairs which is well decorated by the way.

There really isn't much to see from our room even at night but the roof and right wing of the building where the main event hall was..

Will I be going back? I think so. I mean, the service is great and I get what I paid for. But being in different hotels, I can be in a better room for the same amount but I think the buffet breakfast with a lot to choose from really wins my heart I'll include it on my next post.

Well, this is it for today. I’ll be editing and collaging more of the pictures I took from Cebu for my next post.

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