Nov 15, 2014

Trip to Villa Escudero

Sem break's over but before it ended, me and my colleagues were able to go out for a day of travel to Villa Escudero. It took us six hours to reach the Villa from Olongapo and when we arrived there around six am, it was still close and won't open till eight o'clock. We went to the closest market first to grab something local to eat but most of the stalls were still close. We were driving back when we saw an eatery which sells "bulalo", a native dish with beef boiled with different kinds of herbs. That was my first time trying bulalo because honestly, I don't really like eating beef but since the beef in their bulalo is boiled until it's tender, I kindda like it. After breakfast, we went to San Pablo Market and San Pablo Church. San Pablo Market is much bigger than the first one we visited but I didn't really find anything that I like to buy. The church is also beautiful but I think they're still undergoing renovations on the facade.

After that we went straight to the Villa. When we arrive, they welcome us with "gulaman" (a kind of refreshment in the Philippines) to drink. Inside the Villa, our first stop was the musueum. I was only able to take pictures outside because they don't really allow pictures to be taken while inside the museum though there are no restrictions into bringing you mobile phones.

We went to our next stop with a carabao ride while listening and singing "kundiman" songs with our guide.

Some of my colleagues also tried the Bamboo Raft which is free while the others went fishing for Php100. It looks really fun to do it's just that I'm scared boat rides what more a raft. But they seem to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying the view and taking picturese.

We had buffet lunch at the water fall restaurant. The food they serve are all Filipino dishes. Some of it tastes nice but the others, not really.

There's more in the villa than what I can possibly take pictures of and post. You might wanna visit to see it for yourself.

Next, stop... Cebu!!!

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