May 18, 2013

Review : Etude House Black Head Remover Dual Sheet

Having black heads is one of my major skin problems so I'm really into different kind of ways to remove it. I usually settle for pore strips but if there's some left, I use my black head remover tool to clean it.  Being an avid "pore cleaner" I know I had to try this one from Etude house. An average pore strip would cost me around Php150 for 10pcs but I think this one cost about Php80 per pair so I can't say it's cheap.

Process includes two steps. First step is to remove the black heads and second is to close the pores. 

The first sheet (on top is already used when I took the picture) is well soaked and feels cool on the skin. Scent is really light and it smells kindda like tea leaf. The material is like thick cotton enough to peel into three parts. You're supposed to leave it for 15 minutes and then use a cue tip to swipe off all the sebum. Then again, it didn't really work as it claims because I still needed to use my black head pricking tool. It’s much easier to remove though unlike the usual when I only use steamed towel before I start pricking.

Sheet 2 is also made of cotton with a thick gel on one side. No weird feeling while I have it on and I think it’s unscented. I also couldn’t say for sure if it worked or I was just able to remove the clog but you can see on the picture that somehow my pores looked a bit smaller than the beginning.



Would I buy it again?

Yes but I wouldn’t replace my regular pore strip with it. I clean my pores every three days so that would cost me Php800 a month. Probably I’ll schedule it once a week as part of my weekend pampering.

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