Jul 6, 2013

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Gordon College (Acquaintance Party)

I know I made a pact with this blog but I can hardly keep up with my promise. Anyway, this is what I was doing for the past month. It's been awhile since college so going back feels quite a bit odd. I'm not a student this time though.

Never in my Columban College days did I ever attend any acquaintance party so this is kindda like my first time... and it was really fun... tiring too, but really worth it. The theme of the show is movies and we "picked" the horror category.

We've been through a lot to produce this presentation for the competition. No place to practice, low budget, plus students quitting on the last minute. I was told we can ask the part-time instructors for solicitation but it didn't turn out well. Worse is I even heard some comments no one would ever wanna hear. Neither do I want my students to hear those but unfortunately someone did and she felt kindda really bad. The performers' time table is also not that favorable. They even ask me why students from other courses are allowed to be excused from classes but not them. Then I heard my co-workers talking that probably it was because I'm new and not really that close to anyone yet. I even hooked up three students to stay late in school to help finish up two sets of banner. This one below is actually made from the stencils' cut out. It looked pretty because of the metallic spray paint so we didn't throw it out. Creativity really springs out from tight budget :D.

Obviously, all criticisms and problems were taken positively. I honestly didn't think we could even get a slot but we manage to win second. So close to breaking HRM's 2yr winning record. Maybe next time we'll win.

You can watch the vlog below to see how good they are. Sorry for the shaky camera though. I'm so proud of these kids... They're smart, fun and fearless. Good luck to my future CPA's. Gee, I talk like a stage mother. :D

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