Apr 6, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial : Cherry Nails

I saw this from an old nail magazine and thought it would be really cute for the season. The colors are refreshing to look at too. It is a little bit girly because it's all in different shades of pink and the only green color are the leaves but it's never out of season. It's also really easy since these are just cherries. There's also no need for any special tools.

My base nail color is regular baby pink except for the ring finger. I had the same nail polish I used for the cherries on my ring finger with a little bit of fine red glitter polish for sparkle. On my thumb, I put together two round gems with tear drop shape gems for the leaves. For the rest of my nails, I simply blobbed the nail polish with my brush and added a bit of glitter too. You don't have to be too neat on this one. They don't have to be perfect circles or anything and no placement pattern is needed. Feel free to place the blob wherever you like it to be. Finish it off with a stroke a green polish for the the leaves and clear top coat.

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